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Group History Questionnaire

District 13 

We need to archive the history of Southwest Texas Area 68's groups before they're lost! I need your help gathering the answers to the questionnaire for both old and new groups including treament/prisons. Our Area 68 archives committee has a group history questionnaire that has been linked below.

ANY old flyers,newsletters,grapevines, or any old literature that you can share would be very helpful to our add to our district archives.

The memories of our groups that's not archived will pass on with our old timers or founders as they depart from us in this life.

Here is the link.

Last Update

5/14 - Added Hill Country Roundup to events

5/13 - Added Progress Not Perfection Flyer for 6/19

5/4 - Added Flyer for FNA Eat n Speak May 31st

5/3 - Added Flyer for the district 13 speaker (Checkout the events calendar!)

4/21 - Added a bunch of new events! Check them out on the calendar page!

4/17 - Added State convention to calendar and the updated meeting list to downloads

4/14 - Added Man-To-Man to calendar and Citywide flyer 

3/14/19 - Added flyer for Citywide on the 16th(this coming Saturday)

3/12/19 - Added the Area conference flyer to downloads and to the calendar. Added Box 459 newsletter to downloads. Added Bill W. committee meeting to calendar.

2/23/19 - Added flyers for Texas Fellowship of the Spirit(March 22-24) & Spiritual Unity on the Frio (March 29-31) 

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